Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Who Ya Got? - Lakers - Nuggets Preview

Kobe vs Melo, Lakers vs Nuggets, Game 1 tonight at 9:00pm. This series is promising to be more entertaining than the strip clubs in Myrtle Beach, SC the Big Guy was frequenting this past weekend on his vacation the Flapjack was good enough to grant me. Well, lets not go that far, but its going to be a damn good series.

Chauncey Billups is showing why he was so valuable to the Pistons during their domination, and was a season changing pick up for the Nuggets. He makes everyone better around him, which is real big for Melo. I think the Nuggets are the better "team" because of Chauncey, and I'm sure the Lakers think thats cute, but Kobe and the boys know "talent" will overcome "team".

I think the series is going to be close, perhaps a few Derek Fisher game winning 3's, but in the end the Lakers end up in the finals, with the Cavs, obviously. I say Lakers in 6, keep the champagne cold on ice till then.

Enjoy the old school pictures, hopefully these cats never forget where they came from.

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